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Welcome to the Admiral's Almanac and the wit and wisdom of retired Rear Admiral Garry Hall. He shares with you the leadership lessons he has learned in a life at sea, in the air, industry, and politics. Leaders are made and not born. Learn from the admiral and improve your personal and professional life.

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Welcome Aboard!

Mar 29, 2023

In this podcast, we interview Sanford Ehrlich, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and former Qualcomm Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center in the Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University.  His research and teaching has been focused on leadership and entrepreneurial development. He is an angel investor, startup company advisor, executive coach, and has a wealth of experience in senior management roles at different companies. His consulting practice has been focused on creating growth through effective implementation of change management and business strategies.


In today's episode, he shares his insights on the importance of companies and individuals identifying and executing on their core values. Dr. Ehrlich emphasizes the pivotal role of core values and values-driven leadership in driving growth and success. He uses examples of long-standing companies that build effective corporate cultures.  These companies reinforce core values through alignment with their processes; talent recruitment, selection, and promotion; new product development, and with continual strategic change. With an effective and positive culture built on a foundation of core values, these companies enjoy sustainable competitive advantage.  Please listen in to hear numerous practical tips and examples of how you can align your own core values with your actions, enabling you to improve your leadership and improve your life.