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Welcome to the Admiral's Almanac and the wit and wisdom of retired Rear Admiral Garry Hall. He shares with you the leadership lessons he has learned in a life at sea, in the air, industry, and politics. Leaders are made and not born. Learn from the admiral and improve your personal and professional life.

It's never too late to improve your life.

Welcome Aboard!

Nov 5, 2020

Leadership is needed now more than ever. Leadership makes for the best success and outcomes in the family, in business, and in politics as well as in service to our nation. My 4 decades in the service to our nation as a Naval Officer showed me the best and the not so best of leadership qualities. In this episode I share with you my thoughts on leadership that you can apply today in your life. This talk has been shared with units I've lead, business executives, educators, MBA students, and even the Priests of the Archdiocese of Washington DC. Each group has found pearls of wisdom to incorporate in their leadership styles that had an immediate and positive effect on their organizations. What pearls of wisdom will you find in this episode of The Admiral's Almanac.