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Welcome to the Admiral's Almanac and the wit and wisdom of retired Rear Admiral Garry Hall. He shares with you the leadership lessons he has learned in a life at sea, in the air, industry, and politics. Leaders are made and not born. Learn from the admiral and improve your personal and professional life.

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May 19, 2024

Naval Helicopter Association 2024: Be Ready!

In this episode of the Admiral's Almanac, join Rear Admiral Gary Hall as he navigates the lively and inspiring Navy Helicopter Association (NHA) 2024 Convention held in Funner, California. This special episode takes listeners behind the scenes of this pivotal gathering of naval aviation's finest, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the dedication, camaraderie, and spirit of readiness that pulsate at the heart of the helicopter community.

Highlights include:

- Opening remarks by Garry Hall, setting the stage for a convention unlike any other, where the aircrew challenge takes center stage, showcasing the exceptional skills and unbreakable spirit of naval helicopter crews.

- Insightful discussions with key figures such as Rear Admiral Dano Fillion, shedding light on the theme of the year – 'Be Ready' – and sharing powerful stories that underscore the unwavering resolve and preparedness of the Navy's rotary force.

- An intimate look at the 'soft patch' ceremony – a heartfelt tradition where new pilots are officially welcomed into their fleet squadrons, marking a rite of passage that bonds them with the legacy and future of naval aviation.

- Exclusive interviews with aircrew members and pilots, including the motivating stories of AWS3 Jonathan Sebastian Thomas and AWS3 Franco Alonso from HSC-6, capturing the essence of what it means to be a part of this elite community.

- Closing reflections from the NHA chairman, emphasizing the importance of readiness, and a powerful reminder of the dedication and bravery of those who serve in the United States Navy.

Gary Hall's vibrant narration and the compelling stories shared by the community make this podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the pulse of modern naval aviation, the remarkable people who define it, and the unbreakable bond that holds them together. Whether you're part of the naval community, a military enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates tales of courage and commitment, this episode is for you.